Definitions of terms and regulations

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maximum effect
The maximum effect a drug can produce.
Refers to the practices and procedures used for the prevention, treatment, or relief of symptoms of diseases or abnormal conditions. This term may also refer to a legal drug used for the same purpose.
medulla oblongata
The connection between the brainstem and the spinal cord, carrying multiple important functional centers. It is comprised of the cardiovascular-respiratory regulation system, descending motor tracts, ascending sensory tracts, and origin of cranial nerves IX, X, XI, and XII.
messenger RNA (mRNA)
A type of RNA found in cells. mRNA molecules carry the genetic information needed to make proteins. They carry the information from the DNA in the nucleus of the cell to the cytoplasm where the proteins are made.
The chemical changes that take place in a cell or an organism. These changes make energy and the materials cells and organisms need to grow, reproduce, and stay healthy. Metabolism also helps get rid of toxic substances.
microRNA (miRNA)
A type of RNA found in cells and in blood. MicroRNAs are smaller than many other types of RNA and can bind to messenger RNAs (mRNAs) to block them from making proteins.
A measurement of the concentration of something in solution.
Membrane-enclosed organelles in the cytoplasm of most eukaryotic cells. The site of cellular energy production (ATP).
Two or more atoms that are held together by covalent bonds
monoclonal antibody (mAb)
A type of medication that is made by identical immune cells that are all clones of a unique parent cell. These medications are designed to target specific antigens on cancer cells or other abnormal cells in the body.
A molecule that can be bonded to other identical molecules to form a polymer.
muscle fibers
Long, slender cells that make up muscle tissue and are capable of contracting and relaxing to produce movement.
A change in the nucleotide sequence of an organism’s DNA or in the DNA or RNA of a virus.

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