Safety Updates

As leaders in ASO technology, we will provide updates on safety to the nano-rare community. These updates may pertain to an n-Lorem program, or they may not be associated with an n-Lorem program at all. We believe that by sharing information in a timely manner together with our guidance on ASO discovery, development, manufacturing, dose and dose schedule, we help the community by holding ASO developers to the same high standard we demand of ourselves.

Expanding our Expertise

Leaders in the discovery and development of ASO technology

Though the discovery and development of ASOs may sound simple, it is not. It requires significant expertise, knowledge, experience and automation that n-Lorem has. ASOs are complex molecules that require rigid selection criteria and careful consideration of dosing parameters.

At n-Lorem, we are open to collaborations and encourage all academic investigators to work with us to take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Furthermore, the clinical administration of experimental ASOs must be done professionally by investigators knowledgeable about ASOs who have significant experience in the develop of experimental medicines.

Latest Safety Updates

August 1, 2022

On August 1, 2022, we issued a safety update to a broad group of physicians and scientists. The basis of the safety update was new data from a controlled clinical study conducted by Roche in approximately 800 patients with Huntington’s disease treated with an antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) of the same chemical class as n-Lorem compounds. The ASO in question was not developed by n-Lorem, but given the seriousness of this event and in an effort to provide as much guidance to our investigators as possible, we issued a safety update to our investigators making them aware of these data.

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