Our Approach

Blazing new ground

Because of the rarity of our patients, a commercial model cannot suffice. We take advantage of the efficiency, versatility and cost effectiveness of ASO technology to treat nano-rare patients, for free, for life. We believe a non-profit approach is the only way to treat nano-rare patients. Any commercial scale approach would require that nano-rare patients be charged millions of dollars. We think that our industry can and must do better than that. Armed with ASO technology, we can and are.

How the
foundation works

n-Lorem is focused on creating individual treatments for patients with nano-rare diseases caused by a single gene mutation that affects less than 30 patients with the same mutation worldwide. Diseases or conditions with broader patient populations are likely more suitable for treatment by other non-profit or for-profit entities, which we encourage you to explore with your physician.

With a seasoned leadership team and strategic partnerships, the n-Lorem Foundation provides the framework, funds and access for nano-rare patients who are amendable to our technology to receive experimental antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) for free, for life.

Our Philosophy

Need-based not means-based
access to treatment

The n-Lorem Foundation is dedicated to the principle that the individual is the indivisible unit of human value. To be optimally fair to the many, we must be fair to the individual. To be generous to the many, we must be generous to the individual. For the human collective to achieve its maximum potential, the individual must have the opportunity to create maximum value.

Who we Treat

We are helping those who need it most

Our nano-rare patients are infants, children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged adults and senior adults. Our patients can have nano-rare disorders with involvement in the central nervous system, the kidney, the liver or the eye. Nano-rare patients are often the only one in the world with their unique gene mutation, but this does not mean that we leave them behind.

Our Science

Our technology is based on consistent investment in innovation

We can only do what we do with the efficiency and cost effectiveness of ASO technology, a technology created from 30+ years of investment led by our founder, chairman and CEO, Stan Crooke, and our team of experts. Only ASO technology has FDA guidance for nano-rare patients.

We cannot do
this alone

Together we are changing the world—
one patient at a time

We hope that you join us on this journey to discover, develop and provide individualized antisense medicines for free for life for nano-rare patients. The ultimate personalized medicine approach – for free, for life.

We need your support

Join us on our Corps of Discovery of the mind and heart. Help us bring hope and potential help to nano-rare patients today. For free, for life.

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