Leadership Team

Our leadership team is up to the task. We have more than three decades of innovation that lead to the creation of ASO technology coupled with a deep commitment to patients. We understand the challenges translating observations into drugs represents. Most importantly, we understand that every day matters, every minute matters to our patients. It is with this sense of urgency and commitment to quality at every step in the process that we can and are making a difference, today.


Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Chief Technical Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Sr. Director of Operations

Scientific Advisor

Sr. Director of Research

Sr. Director of Pre-clinical Development

Sr. Director of Clinical Development

Sr. Director, Medical Geneticist

Sr. Director of Communications and Donor Relations

Board of Directors

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Chief Technical Officer

Global Head of Corporate & Investment Bank, and President of Barclays Bank PLC

Founder of n-Lorem

Killam Professor of Medical Genetics at University of British Columbia

Senior Physician & Head of the Department of Medicine at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Executive Committee Member of UDN

Executive Director of The Wolverine Foundation

Board of Directors

Director Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C.

Associate Professor of Neurology in the Neuromuscular Division at Columbia University, Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

Founder and CEO of J. Wood Capital Advisors

University of California San Diego Professor, Dept. of Cellular and Molecular Medicine


Every patient deserves expert advice about treatment. At n-Lorem, we have a number of committees that provide expert advice across all key steps.

The Access to Treatment Committee reviews applications submitted by research physicians to treat genetically confirmed nano-rare disease patients.

The Study Treatment and Assessment Review Committee provides n-Lorem and the patient’s physicians guidance on the development of treatment goals and clinical outcome assessments for n-Lorem’s diverse patient population.

We cannot do
this alone

Together we are changing the world—
one patient at a time

We hope that you join us on this journey to discover, develop and provide individualized antisense medicines for free for life for nano-rare patients. The ultimate personalized medicine approach – for free, for life.

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Join us on our Corps of Discovery of the mind and heart. Help us bring hope and potential help to nano-rare patients today. For free, for life.

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