50 Lessons After 50:


Make room for innovators

Consistent primary innovators are often organizationally challenging, but if you want maximum innovation, you need to recruit and retain these unique people. Innovators see the world as it is and as it might be, and they are impatient to change the world. They usually are brighter and quicker than their colleagues and can be quite dismissive. If the organization has a plethora of rules and SOPs, they will break them. They are also frequently critical of management.

So, how do you live with them? First, you commit to creating an environment in such people can prosper. You create reward systems that recognize innovations. You establish as few rules as possible but enforce the rules that you think are important swiftly and emphatically. Sometimes, you need to sit down with an important innovator and be clear about what you will not tolerate. It ain’t easy, but it is fun to watch what an organization filled with such people can do.

by Dr. Stan Crooke

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