Bottling Hope

July 12, 2023


“We appreciate how important it is to get these drugs that n-Lorem is working on into nano-rare patient’s hands as quickly and safely as possible.”

Argonaut Manufacturing Services Inc. CEO, Wayne Woodard, joins the Patient Empowerment Program to detail how Argonaut bottles vials of hope for n-Lorem patients. Argonaut is n-Lorem’s provider of Sterile Fill-Finish for an optimal ASO. This means that the lyophilized ASO powder, which was manufactured with good manufacturing practices (GMP), gets formulated and aliquoted into sterile vials. The final product is tested for various attributes to ensure maximal quality. Once assessed and approved, the finished product is then ready to be administered to a nano-rare patient by a qualified research physician at an established institution.

On This Episode We Discuss:

  • 0:00 Industrial engineering is what is now known as supply chain engineering
  • 3:35 Bringing innovator’s ideas to life
  • 5:36 Wayne’s experience and creating Argonaut Manufacturing Services
  • 8:11 Stan details the steps of creating a drug
  • 12:52 What is Sterile Fill-Finish?
  • 17:17 The importance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • 19:04 Keeping out endotoxins from each batch
  • 22:00 The duration it takes to manufacture the n-Lorem drug product
  • 23:32 Time and quality is vital for n-Lorem patients
  • 25:12 Why Argonaut provides significant discounts to support the n-Lorem mission

Watch on YouTube:

Wayne is the CEO of Argonaut Manufacturing Services. With nearly 30 years of management experience in operations, supply chain and general management, Wayne Woodard’s primary focus (in three different industries) has been on building global operations capabilities with particular emphasis on working with external manufacturing services companies. Wayne most recently worked at Thermo Fisher/Life Technologies through its Ion Torrent acquisition. He previously worked at Affymetrix, Electroglas and Ridge Technologies. Wayne began his career in manufacturing at Sun Microsystems. Wayne focuses intensely on execution and detail, which is why he also bottles his own wine.


Hosted by: Dr. Stan Crooke.
Videographer: Jon Magnuson of Mighty One Productions.
Producers: Kim Butler, Colin Delaney, Kira Dineen, Jon Magnuson, Andrew Serrano and Amy Williford.

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