50 Lessons After 50:


Avoid unnecessary size and the “need to know syndrome”

There are studies that have shown that the optimal size organization for innovation is typically around 500 people. Certainly, my experience is consistent with that. Size is a particular impediment to innovation in drug discovery and development because of the long timelines and the “need to know syndrome”. In any successful organization, real progress is driven by strong leaders and a handful of committed people who work with the leader. Nevertheless, there are always people who are not directly contributory, but do need to know what is going on. The larger the organization, the more people with a legitimate need to know. Each of those people will have opinions and most will have projects of their own that they think should be funded rather than the one moving forward. Over time, these ‘need to knowers” wear most innovators out and they always delay things.

To maximize innovation, keep organizations reasonably small.

by Dr. Stan Crooke

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