50 Lessons After 50:


Treat every individual in every job as important

In good organizations, every individual in every job is important and takes pride in their contribution to the achievements of the organization. Organizations who behave as though people are replaceable get exactly what they deserve: poor employee commitment and high turnover. At Ionis, I made it my business to know as many people personally as I could and as I walked the halls, I told people that I appreciated what they were doing, and we behaved as though everyone was vital and celebrated long service. For nearly two decades, the work we did at Ionis was dismissed by most, our options were of minimal value, and we faced several existential crises. Yet, our average turnover ranged from 3-6% with voluntary departures typically accounting for less than half the turnover. Meanwhile the average turnover in biotech was around 26% and most of that was voluntary. The commitment and stability of our workforce were critical to our survival. 

by Dr. Stan Crooke

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