50 Lessons After 50:


Most people are trustworthy

To my mind, there are two ways to go through life: Demand that people earn your trust or trust people until they prove themselves untrustworthy. There is no doubt that the former approach is safer because there are untrustworthy people, but I find such an approach far too limiting and have chosen to assume that those whom I meet are trustworthy and say what they mean. Of course, I have experienced some real disappointments and even behaviors that I felt were betrayals. Nevertheless, for me the gains in simplicity of life and freedom to be myself have far outweighed the losses that the occasional untrustworthy person has caused.

From an organizational perspective, I think the argument for the assumption of trustworthiness is even more compelling. I believe that if we hire someone, we must believe that person is trustworthy. To treat employees as if they might be untrustworthy is costly because of all the controls and systems that must be installed and operated. More importantly, it means that the leadership of the organization cannot be fully transparent, and it creates secrets and the appearance of secrets that play into distrust and various, often inane conspiracy theories. I have also found that when employees are trusted, they become more trustworthy. Obviously, every organization must have some controls and processes to assure protection of the assets of the organization and compliance with laws and regulations, but they can be minimized by effective auditing of activities and behaviors and absolute intolerance of untrustworthy behavior that results in dismissal every time such behavior is discovered.

by Dr. Stan Crooke

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