50 Lessons After 50:


Everything of real value must be earned every day

What is a truly valuable asset for an individual in an organization or life? Respect; respect is earned by behavior that is equitable and effective. Trust; even if trust is given freely, it must be earned every day with behaviors that are fair and effective. The benefit of the doubt; especially in driven, highly productive organizations, the benefit of doubt is critical because it assures that people talk to each other before becoming angry at a behavior that may not seem proper. The benefit of the doubt is earned daily and is enhanced by friendships. Admiration; a leader who is admired can ask a great deal more of individuals and organizations than the average leader. Once again, this precious asset must be earned every day and can be lost because of a single misadventure. Love; anyone who has ever loved or been loved knows that love is fragile and can be lost in the blink of an eye. It must be earned anew every day.

by Dr. Stan Crooke

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